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it´s when girls(or men who take anabolica) with (usually fake boobs )can moove their titts by using some kind of inner muscels... well you can compare it to people who can moove their ears. I think its a bit ugly but well...
Well it´s hard to explain cycki, well first I have no fucking idea how they came up with the name but their should be a reason.. I´m not American so I think their is an explanation for that..
You just HAVE to watch that video... I think many of you know this kind of ability but did you know that it´s name was cycki.. and how do you use it? I don´t think you can say : " hey I can cycki".. or " can you cycki".. watch?v=Zq2ni9yRzpo&feature=related
this example explains everything...
by Lawksh & Hawksh May 09, 2008
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