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A way of settling disputes over the internet. Accomplished by a virtual "flex-off" (i.e. flexing and giving a detailed description of your flex over the internet). Mostly used in chat sessions and email.
<npl> ok, the flex-off will begin
<vanwinkle> I have my right bicep pointed upward with one finger raised, deltoids tensed
<npl> my first pose will be standard
<npl> i'll begin with my left bicep in the downward position
<npl> with a slight curl to make the triceps pop...
<broox> holy shit
<broox> npl has the style points
<vanwinkle> I have begun rippling my pectoral muscles
<broox> OHHH
<npl> my pecs are straining as i take the right bicep and point in the upward direction
<npl> then, I slowly exhale and begin the second pose
<MCEscher> and the crowd cheers!!!
<moo> more oil
by broox October 30, 2003