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a person who goes online and exaggerates drama to gain the attention of others. They often take partial truths and add their own spin on it. Then, they feed off any attention they get from others which generates them to become even more dramatic. And they never worry about being found out because they NEVER intend to meet the people they suck into their sick little world. They lead people on, almost like a catfish, but without the motive of money and/or romance. They just feed on the attention they get. They will often call a group of people their best friend, but the moment they meet another group who gives them attention or satisfies a need, they drop their old group, and join the new one. People are disposable to these feeders. And this is done entirely online.
First we had to worry about catfish, NOW it`s cyberfeeders.
by stickin to bein me November 27, 2013
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