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A cross between a cybergoth and an emo. A cyberemo obviously enjoys cyber and trance music. Cyberemos would still most probably have a long fringe, except maybe with a crazy colour.
Dude A: Why is that emo listening to trance?

Dude B: He's a cyberemo, you retard...
by CheckyXO October 01, 2007
a person who acts like they have a normal life in person, but has incredibly depressing/emo personality online.
person 1: hey, was chuck okay today?

person 2: yeah, why?

person 1: his myspace status was incredibly emo last night.

person 2: was? he must be a cyber emo on his own time =(
by i'm doin your mom February 04, 2010
A knob. Primarily looks like a knob and acts like a knob.
Look at that cyberemo, man, he is a knob.
by franklin jenkins May 19, 2007
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