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To obliterate your online persona.
He deleted all his online posts, his website and his e-mail account: cybercide.
by P. Hapster March 16, 2004
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The suicidal destruction of one's digitised alter-ego, first proposed online in a hypertext-novel by Loki93c ('Seriously Drowning' c 1997). The underlying premise being that one's alternative online avatar is a digital creation, yet the thought structure which created it is also, to an extent, digital. Genuine self-destruction, or a scripted alternative of self/character virtual destruction - cybercide - destroys the link between organic and non-organic.
Cybercide.....The remnants of the cybercidaly 'dead' digital creation - machine code - truly becomes the 'Ghost In the Machine', whilst the suicidaly dead persona, formerly on the other side of the screen, simply becomes a ghost....
by Nemo Adesti v7 March 23, 2012
The word most commonly used by the illusive girl cybuur on many sites. Cybercide just takes the place of words such as talk.
Wanna Commit Cybercide?
by TheLittleFish December 08, 2007
To kill another player in an on-line game. See also, cybercidal.
Intercaust plays Call of Duty to commit cybercide so much, he named his clan "Cybercide(-Cc-)".
by Intercaust February 04, 2004

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