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"Cyberattack" is a term used to describe when some person or group intentionally hacks into the computer network of a corporation, government or individual to steal data, delete data, infect programs with a computer virus, manipulate operations or shut down operations. A cyberattack may be considered an act of war.
News anchor: "The U.S. Government was hit with a cyberattack today."
by demographic-man June 17, 2011
A cyber attack is when a male masturbates using a pornographic aid from a computer (usually a laptop) reaching the point of climax then laying down his penis on the keyboard letting the jizz flow through the keys rendering the machine useless.
Friend 1) Hey can you look up something on your computer for me

Friend 2) No Friend 3 was at my house last night and cyber attacked my laptop, so now I can't use it
by mintyman9191 March 09, 2014
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