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cyber-kiddrugs (-1.255)
Those colourful kids who dress in fluro clothing/makeup, and jump around to pumpin' Psychedelic Trance and Techno tunes. The more cheesie 'cyber-kid' may be found dancing to more main stream tunes played by the likes of Judge Jules and crew. 'Cyberdog' manufacture all the desired atire as well as handy accesories ( check out Cambden and Covent Garden stores in London )Orinated from early raves in Ibiza/Goa/Thailand, many moons ago!!!
Fluoro beads, clothes, make-up, jewelry, colourful dreds,BIG smiles. Check the queues for Trance nights in Brixton,UK. Cyber-tastic!!
by TJ Francis January 06, 2005
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