Top Definition
My mom.
I'll do the dishes for you, mommy, I mean, Cyber Emperor.
by Duelist Goku To The Xtreme June 14, 2003
A homosexual dumbass who loves tUWN
That tUWN-lover is a cyber emperor
by CK/JOE-CE Hater June 21, 2003
Homoerotic love slave.
Gimme a whippin', you homoerotic love slave, I mean, Cyber Emperor
by The Landstander June 14, 2003
Gay homoerotic lover.
I think you need a spankin', you cyber emperor.
by The Red Giant June 14, 2003
A stupid ignorant fool
That guy is a Cyber Emperor
by Geto June 21, 2003
A jackass.
Boy, that cyber emperor sure is a jacked up retard.
by The Shizzle June 14, 2003
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