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getting ownd or pwnd by a flying traffic cone
ed:hey i ted i got cwnd on halo 3 yesterday

ted:ha stubid n00b
by xXLiLxCholoXx July 10, 2008
HTML code owning you.
this html is so hard, i'm getting cwnd.
by asherj123 January 11, 2009
"Coned," used in 1337 speak as a synonym or intensifier for "ownd" (owned).
Dude, you just got ownd, pwnd, and ice cream cwnd.
by Mightybjorn March 23, 2004
Pronounced "cooned." Used when a black person has pwnd you.

White Friend: "Man I didn't get the job because a black person was applying for the same position, and affirmative action got him the job instead."

Me: "CWND!"
by Jack IsOff June 01, 2006