A word used to describe someone in the friendzone.
Like you're ugly and they don't want to date you're cute
J- Hey do you want to go to Homecoming with me Samantha ?
S- Aw you're really cute Jim but I can't sorry.
by thickbitch September 16, 2014
When used by a girl, it means the guy is attractive but probably not her type.
Girl: "Yea. He's cute. I'm sure someone else would do him."
by AzaleasSuck August 19, 2014
Cute is another word for Dr. Boleyn. Dr. Boleyn is the creator of the cute kingdom.
Wow, that puppy is almost as cute as Dr. Boleyn
by Retardmelonsquirrel December 27, 2012
1. An insult when other words aren't good enough.
2. The worst insult you could call your arch rival.
"The Homies are Cute"
"The Subjects are cute"
by Roflcat2 March 06, 2014
Haru:cute beyond understand; an unfathomable amount of cuteness
That tree is just so cute I could eat it up
by harusloverhenri153665653 March 24, 2012
A subtle way of saying that you are not attractive, hot, nor sexy.
Still, you're cute.
by That Emo Gay Kid December 04, 2012
Sarah Wrisley, Unlike her boyfriend Liam
"Damn ur cute"
by primussucks1 May 29, 2012
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