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Anyone who rejects others who title them as such.
Christine is so cute.
by Resir Krad June 16, 2010
sombody who makes you smile when you see them or they talk like a doria
a girl whos not hot or sexy but cute(goll)
by dcxc2010 October 24, 2010
Dainty, pretty, or otherwise effeminate.
"Isn't he so cute?"
"Shut the fuck up, bitch."
by dude February 18, 2003
Someone who is exraordinarly pretty or dainty, or in the case of Rui, both.
The perfect example is Rui
by jeremy walker May 06, 2004
anna leary :)
cute = anna
by notjamesknoxatall June 19, 2010
burn holes through sheet at sleepovers
alana & hebe are cute
by Leanne Joaney Stephane April 08, 2010
Anything to do with haley, the cutest and most beautiful person on earth.
that girl over there is such haley, shes so cute like its ridiculous
by bballa33 March 19, 2011