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A very popular and hilarious internet show written, directed and performed by Chris Leavins, occasionally with lines by his co-host (title under revision) Colty the Plastic Horse. New shows are posted weekly and include dissing, PWNing, and polls on who is the cutest. Cute With Chris has the power to change lives and kill dreams.
Popular phrases include "all your dreams are dead" and "suck it, Tonya." For many fans, words cannot describe. For an accurate portrayal, WATCH THE FREAKIN' SHOW YOU LAZY.
"Jake, did you watch the new cute with chris yet?"
"Yeah, he put my dog in the CWC cutedown!"
by Cat Anne June 11, 2008
A popular, addictive, comedic internet show that features a host called Chris.(We think) Where he talks about puppies and kittens and we the audience vote on the cutest.
Did you see the cutedown in last weeks show of Nobody voted for the poor orphaned puppy in the spca.
by thattchiicckk February 18, 2008
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