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Acronym for Cock Up The Ass.

Etymology: Created by an SPH and his high-school homies in South Florida. Used to refer to something that is deemed undesirable or "gay."

Can also be used to refer to an actual penis in one's anus, or one who has a penis in their anal crevice.

As a verb, means to take a penis in one's ass.
Yo CUTA biznatch! Why you trippin?

Gay people like CUTA.

Hey Seth! Don't take out your CUTA rage on me.

Yo man! I just CUTA'd Dave's mom!
by Bucks April 30, 2004
48 22
exactly the same as coota, just spelled differently and better. meaning, cool, wicked, awesome, great, dardy
oh thats hell cuta
cuta dardy had a hell cuta day today
by iPoooood March 15, 2011
3 2