cut some up is to talk shit
did you here how fifty cut rule up
by miss her April 28, 2003
pussy; vaginal extravagance; the part between a girls legs
i want to bend that girl over, put it in her butt, and wax her cut
by Tyler January 22, 2004
what you do when you realize you are shit or stains

a reference to the act of committing suicide but in a joking fashion. mentioned when somehting shitty happens.
omg...i my gf just dumped me, what cuts
by platy January 05, 2004
To get a tattoo.
Tomorrow after work I think I'm gonna get cut.
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
when a peircing knife cuts into my skin it seems to help heal the pain, no matter what I'm feeling pain just seems to wash all those things away
"As the cuts on my arms add up I cover them up though they do help the sorrow in my life"
by cough* November 18, 2004
A friendly name to call a friend. It's like saying "dude, man, buddy or bro". Originates from bodybuilders who's muscles are very defined or "cut."
What's up, Cuts? You look good, Cuts!
by Crossfire-Pueblo August 28, 2003
To insult or "work" 👅👅
He is trying cut.
by Ayy03 February 26, 2015

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