people offended by curse words, and then actually offended by the word 'curse' itself, used to describe the curse words they hate. Now they won't even say the word curse to refer to curse words, and instead invent 'cuss', as if 'curse' is a curse word.
I get offended by curse words, and by the word curse, so I'll only acknowledge words like 'fuck' or 'shit' by the made-up word Cuss.
by rosslcopter May 09, 2014
A word used to replace an actual cuss word. uually kids use it whe nthey do not want tomake an adult cantankerous.
Child: Oh Cuss! I cut my finger grading cheese!

Mom: What did you just say?!

Child: I said Cuss mom.

Mom: Oh good child.
by jadeeightnine. May 15, 2009
originally from Jamaicato curse out somebody;one sided argument
yo dont make me have to cuss you
by crissy3821782965873246 February 25, 2006
words that teenagers use on an exceedingly high level, although it is slightly un necessary...
dude that fucking guy was pissing me the fuck off, so I went up to that bitch and totally fucked him up!!!!

-umm.... less cussing please.. the point could have gotten across...
by rage_for_freedom March 19, 2009
To go up to a person and swear non-stop.
Wut da fuck iz ur problem, bitch?! Ur such a motha fukkin ho! I can't believe u told him, shit, I swear i'm gonna fukkin kill u!!! U FUKKIN SHITSTAINED-CUMBUCKET!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!
by Missy November 01, 2004
to get ripped or merked/to rip or merk
il cuss u straight down to the floor
by seven April 09, 2005
Cuss -verb: to smoke, to inhale, to draw into mouth. Cuss is a term use solely in reference to smoking and/or enjoying the funny-tobacco <aka Mary Jane>.
Cuss - verb (used with object)
1. Its 8:30am on a Monday, wanna cuss?
2. Its lunchtime, I'm on a work break, wanna cuss?
3. Its 4:20 on a Tuesday, feel like cussin'?
4. I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon, who's down for some cussin?
5. Damnit, it's only mid-September and KC's outta cuss till October!
6. I'd cuss at him if I only had some cussin'
by crouching_crouching September 14, 2006
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