A screwup of suck. Akin to a crusty suckishness beyond all compare.
Man, your car sure does cusk.
by Chronomaster K September 29, 2005
Top Definition
a word that is for people who are too lazy to say corn husks.
Jonny and I threw out the cusks when were done with dinner.

I hate cleaning up all those damn cusks.
by hillaryyrallih January 17, 2009
in replacement for the word "fuck". When you are in a situation where the word fuck would be innapropriate, the word CUSK is used. Dont use this word if youre trying to be a hard ass or if your talkin shit...cause you'll sound like a dumbass. ... can also be used with the word "coosy" which is slang for pussy.
"Man cusk you" ... "Cusk this stupid ass homework" ..."Cusk you Coosy"
by Dmilla November 02, 2005
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