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Nice and confortable. Good situation.
You get home tired an u sit down in front of the TV with a bud, u say : aaaaaahhh cushty.
by Godfather July 14, 2003
watch only fools and horses and youll know what this word means
by slanginmatch July 30, 2003
happiness, in good order. Romany word used by super-chav Jamie Oliver. Kushtipen was once the English Romany word for 'happiness' from a Persian word meaning 'happiness' see kushti, kushty, cushti
easy-peasy, kushti
by klidenengro February 13, 2004
adjective; more so effectively used as general acknowledgment. describes an appreciation of luck, fortunate coincidence and/or sheer convenience.

quite similar to 'jammy'.
(sat on sofa. thought to self)
"i am far too monged to make a brew. but i would really really like a brew right now.."
(no actions taken. housemate enters the room)
"just made this cup of tea but i'm in a rush, so 'ere you go."
(housemate leaves. relax with brew)
"cushty mate, cushty."
by CocoaBeepBeep December 13, 2008
pron. "coosh-tee" or "coosh-dee" dep. on spelling

Means: good! Great! Sound! Brilliant!

Common in Portsmouth dialect. Often heard in the phrase "Cushty Mush" or "Cushty Mushdy" meaning "nice one mate"
Cushty, I got paid early this month!
by Henderson101 May 10, 2010
British English - Informal.

* Very nice.

* Cool.

* Awesome.

* Nice.

* Good.

* Wonderful.
This is cushty. It's cushty. Wow! What a cushty shoe.
by Amr Wady. May 19, 2011
When something is Cushty it's great/brilliant. Only proper geezers can use the word Cushty because it's a proper Cushty wordπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½.
Cushty geeze that's sorted thenπŸ‘ŒπŸ½.
by πŸ’©πŸ’© October 01, 2015
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