To turn someone's statement around and use it against them.


To shoot someone down while they're feeling good
Person1: YEA!!! (puts hand up for a high 5)
You: (look at person1) Ummm, no (that's a curve

Person1: You look good today!
Person2: Thank you!
You: (look at them funny) No you dont...
Random Person: CURVE
by TrueUnknownartist December 19, 2009
Shoegaze group formed in the early 90s that released several CDs into the early 2000s. The group's sound is often noticed with heavy electronic beats, distorted guitars, and a distinct female voice.

Often credited with being an influence to the 90s alternative group Garbage.
Curve released six CDs over fourteen years.
by reloaded April 15, 2008
A sexual term that refers to Gay or Lesbian.
That guy was at a gay bar, so that means he is curve!
by Dumbasswhohastime June 13, 2007
Having a "curve" means you have a penis that is so long to the point that it curves, making you a freak in the sheets.
Chuck Wentz, his penis is so long it curves. Dramatically, similar to a "J Curve.
by FHS Track Team April 17, 2006
1337 WoW playa. Travels outside to go to school. Doesn't have a school jacket, but that doesn't matter...he's never cold. Knows alot about mirages...noone knows why. Spends at least 15hrs a day in front of some sort of screen be it computer or television. Has a thing for older women, well, one older woman, that is Tait's mum and yes, she has got it going on.
Long arms, uses them to play basketball excedingly well. Beats the one known as Radz in basketball. Curve wins even though Radz cheats and then claims his new rules are "street" rules.
Radz: 0mgz 1337 h4x
Curve: Fuck up hough.

Radz: No, you can take a dozen steps in "street basketball"
Curve: You're a fucking idiot.
by Archangel March 19, 2005
What they are trying to say is Curb: A stone or concrete edging to a street or path.
I drove my car over the curve and hit the fire hydrant.
by Detroit English Major March 24, 2009

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