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The pleasure moment when your wife decides to stop by the down low area without warning. Typically occurs when least expected and always ends in conscious turmoil.
"Sharon and I were not getting along the whole day, yet to my surprise she gave me one hell of a Curious George!"
by The dozer with a 'tude December 30, 2012
when your penis sticks out of the hole in your boxers
when i was running i had a curious george
by bdogg7 March 23, 2004
One of my favorite books! Momma used to read it to me, now I read it to little Forrest. I miss Momma.
Curious George is one of my favorite books.
by Forrest Gump September 04, 2003
a childrens book about a curious monkey and a guy with a big yellow hat
...read the stupid books
by cheesecake January 13, 2005
someone who is unsure of their sexual identity/person who may be gay or straight but isnt sure
dave wanted to compare penis sizes with some of his frends so they called him a curious george
by magic marly July 06, 2011
A monkey kidnapped by the bastard in the yellow hat.
That bastard in the the yellow hat has kidnapped curious george!
by fireisnojoke March 04, 2006
When you blow helium into a girl's vagina, and then suck it out and talk funny to her. You then go to the beach and throw poop at each other while sitting on a beach towel.
I gave jenna a curious george this weekend. Hell Yeah!!!!
by bunnychunk09 February 01, 2008