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Young, impressionable (scantily dressed) females who hang around trying to get rides on the back of motorcycles.

Also can be the girlfriend of a motorcycle rider. Him in full riding gear, her in a tank top with her thong hanging out the back of her jeans.

Originates from the expression 'having a monkey on your back".
There goes Jim on his Kawi with a curb monkey hanging off of him like a lemur.
by EndoCanuck October 08, 2003
Groupies to the motorcycle world , these are the girls who line the curbs waiting for guys to take them for a ride.
The guy on the v-rod gets alot of booty from the curb monkeys.
by shawn December 31, 2003
Curb monkey is a female and sometimes males that uses the opposite sex for rides on their motorcycle, they desperately troll the Internet looking for guys to post that they are going for a ride then wait curbside with their bandana, Harley tank top and leather boot for the guy to show up.
Travis posted on Facebook that he was going for a ride, stopped at the bar for a bite to eat and beverage and the curb monkeys were lined up.
by Marion Morrison May 16, 2016
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