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An adjective that describes a person in a postive way, curacious is a combination of crazy, courageous, gracious, and amicable.
A curacious person is multi-faceted; they can be daring and polite at the same time. Being amicable, they get along with everyone; being gracious, if they don't like you, you won't find out until they leave you a nasty post-script in their will.
Curacious people are highly respected, but often misunderstood; since they don't want to offend anyone, they courageously let everyone think they're crazy. However, the curacious person's own special brand of heroism will soon endear them to others.
In this example, we see two girls commenting on the curacious behaviour of their friend, Jenna.
Girl 1: Wow, Jenna just dashed backward through traffic, dodging cars, firebolts, and falling pianos, to hold the door open for that old lady!
Girl 2: She sure is curacious!
Girl 1: Yeah, and she's in all my classes!
Girl 2: Huh?
Girl 1: Never mind.
by sibyl-in-black November 08, 2006
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