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abbreviation for cup of tea
I'm going to make myself a cupotea
by Dan June 04, 2003
Occurs when one male dunks his genitalia into a sleeping man's or girl's open mouth. Differs from teabagging in which the teabag goes into the mouth while conscious of the action.
David had a cup o'tea this morning!
by Nick and Marina BFF December 05, 2006
a man usually pays for this service. A dominatrix will piss in a cup and take a fresh tampon and dip it into the piss much like a tea bag and will force her servant to drink it.
The whore I was with last night made me drink a cup o' tea
by Brandon13 August 28, 2006
An action where you cup a fart in your hand and then deliver it to another person's nose. The question, 'cup o'tea?' is then phrased.
"cup o' tea?"
"That shit is fucked man... you rotten.
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
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