When you fart in someones face by using your hand; Fart into your hand and then put it in someones face.
Her boyfriend farted into his hand one beautiful morning and then gave her a nice hot Cup o'Joe!!
by lilsunshine13 December 28, 2010
Top Definition
a cup of coffe not beer as some people think
hey pour me a cup o joe.
by Laura January 16, 2004
n. A cup of coffee, either filter, instant, or percolated, but not a capo bloody chino. Geddit?
Customer: I'd like a cup of coffee
Waiter: What sort of coffee, sir?
Customer: Eh?
Waiter: I mean, we have cappuccino, mocchaccino, mac-
Customer: No dude, just a plain old cup o joe
by StuckInAucks September 20, 2007
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