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A Composite of 'Cunt' and 'Sock'

A cuntsock was a garment usually worn on the foot as a sock, that now is used as an aid to male masterbation.

Mainly for the sole purpose of serving as a convenient receptacle for male sexual fluid (see lovejelly) and for its absorbant qualities (exception - Terylene).

Use of the word Cuntsock and the usage of an actual cuntsock is generally researved for -

adolescent boys, perverts, men without partners, men with partners, gentlemen who do not keep a hanky by their bedside and those who are not in the habit of keeping things tidy.

'james' old nike cuntsock lay damp and sodden at the side of his bed. He sighed, then gently broke wind like ladies do.'
by REV. Spoons Feltchmurkin February 06, 2008
Curse, used to express annoyance.

"Oh, *cuntsocks*!"

by Anonymous October 22, 2003
A droopy downer of a cunt. A mean person who is never satisfied with anything.
My cuntsock of a boss will never appreciate me.
by 17Mikey May 16, 2014
Slang for a condom.
Andy put his cunt sock on and made Angie's pussy bleed.
by russiaalmighty November 12, 2010
the act of wiping someone's socks on a very musky unwashed vagina or a pair of panties that have been worn for 5 days without washing.
Bob: Hey, john. Comere. do you smell that? its been bugging the balls out of me all day!
John:Yeah. smells like fish. i do believe you have Cunt Socks.
by IAMABUTT!!!! February 20, 2011
Marks wife..
Man, my cuntsock forgot to cut the crust off my sandwhich.
by Trip August 01, 2003

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