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Slang : The mixture of female and male cum that drains out of a woman's vagina after intercource.
Man, after I fucked Tina, this huge flood of cuntslop came rushing out.
by Bel4sucks May 12, 2004
17 7
liquid from the vagina consisting of period blood, skin flakes, scabs, ass grizzle that formed on the cooch, pubic shavings, tampon remnants, part of a dead fetus, cum crust, a tooth, herpes juice, a tar-like substance formed by not douching, a used condom, mold spores, and pus that leaked out of vaginal warts that resemble the orcs from lord of the rings. cunt slop has a sour smell and gritty texture, the smell is compareable to dog farts mixed with warheads candy, cat litter, death, dirty diapers, burnt hair and rotten lemons. cunt slop has a rancid taste that resembles the anus of a vulture and dinosaur puke and is usually a thick black in color or a dark reddish brown
The squoolz soup looks like your moms cunt slop
by The Black Panther 69 January 12, 2010
55 11
1. rhinoceros crap
2. a prostitutes dirty vaginal region
1. 'did you see that HUGE pile of cunt slop?!'
2. 'oh man, that hookers' cunt slop was tasty'
by alex/colin April 23, 2007
8 6