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Aka Wizards sleeve, stretched inner labia of womans vagina, which may be protruding due to fisting etc.
"Your cuntsleeve is fucking atrociously dangly Patricia,"

"Why thankyou Tom, how lovely of you to notice!"
by Softy RAOTL legend July 05, 2007
9 4
female condom or a derogatory word for a fucking cunt.
You are a such a filthy fucking cunt sleeve Steven.
Get rekt cunt sleeve!
Do you have a bleeding cunt sleeve Mindy I'm not trying to get your cunny juices on me tadger?
by Falling Rock n Bathsalt Jones September 29, 2013
5 2
A generic yet original insult to use, sort of like twat waffle
guy 1: you're a douche bag!
guy 2: piss off, cunt sleeve
by Lord Damon October 09, 2009
0 7