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A derogatory term for a close friend, pal, or acquaintance. Often used when bro or cuntass have already been said, the speaker may use 'cuntshitterous' to outdo a friend who has already used a form of "cunt" in his or her greeting.

Despite a derogatory nature, 'cuntshitterous' is even considered a term of endearment amongst fellow bros.
Jarrod: "Brosephalopod, why didn't you come? Your ass was cuntin' around instead of broing it up at my party!"

Paul: "Seriously, cuntshitterous, your cuntass should've been there."

Marin: "Awwwww TITS! I'm lame as fuck. I should've come."
#cuntass #broseph #cunt #homosexual #turd #shitdick #bathin apes #birmingham booty call #alabama hot pocket
by Jarrod E October 29, 2007
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