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A delicious morsel between a female friend's or girlfriend's legs, also can be undelicious. The color can be pink, dark pink and crusty, rugged/thick, or soft and delicate kind of like a flower. Even though the cuntpie may have a foul oder does not mean it is unedible, it is highly recommended to steer clear of this unwanted pie and is usually common sense to do so but some individuals enjoy face planting themselves into a stinky cuntpie. Happy eating and don't forget to pick the wire from your teeth if need be.
God, I can't wait to get out of work and go eat some cuntpie.

Wow your cuntpie has a fragrance of a wet rose petal in the spring.

Your cuntpie smells like an ass of a cow but im gonna eat it anyway!

Hey man your a cuntpie, seeya later.
#pussy #pie #cunt #delicious #taste
by kcjayreindeer August 18, 2009
A delightful pastry based dish, filled with cunt.
An offensive term to describe a real tosser.
Can I offer you some steamy cunt pie?

Stop being a cunt pie!
by DavieK July 30, 2005
Dumbass, cunt, douchebag, basically a different way of calling someone a cunt with a hint of humor. can also be a noun.
"dude stop being such a cuntpie."
"youre a gay cuntpie"
"that kid can go eat a cuntpie"
#cuntpie #cunt #pie #apples #fuck #shit #damn #ass
by Mr Chepopacap October 11, 2006
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