Top Definition
1. An insult for an annoying person
2. One who frequently eats female genitalia.
1. Brian Walsh is such a cuntmuncher.
2. Wow, you eat a lot of pussy, you are one badass cuntmuncher
by Paul Farnan August 31, 2003
a term used for going down on a girl.

also used to describe a lesbian
"that girl over there is a cunt muncher" , "oh can i watch"
by sectorcpope April 28, 2006
A lesbian, as in one who performs cunnilingus. Of course, that could be a man as well as a woman, but I've only ever heard it used to describe a lesbian.
'Don't even bother asking her out. She's a cunt muncher'
by David Kirchner April 28, 2006
Cuntmuncher - Someone who eats womens vaginas
Your a real cuntmuncher
by Boffheadjoe. May 26, 2009
A person who acts like a know it all dick head. A Cunt Muncher thinks they are intellectually superior than everyone else but in reality they are just a huge faggot that doesn't know shit.
I wish these fedora wearing cunt munchers would just shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up you cunt Muncher
by Bloodlesskills June 10, 2016
a bitch whose really annoying
R: OMG jacklin is such a cuntmuncher..
E: tell me about it she punched me in the face last week
by emkdlsv June 04, 2009
when you chomp on the girls cunt, and you make her bleed until she wants it more, but you dont give it to her, you make her complain until she gets it, then, then you give it to her.
so last night they nicknamed me the cunt muncher
by colton roedl August 29, 2010
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