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a negative term for a person you may have low regard for. a popular alternative to douchebag or a step up from a asshole.
That cuntlapper just ate my fries!
by AC Paco June 27, 2006
a usually offensive word for someone who lick girls vaginas, and lap up the juices from their cunt.
"Don't tell anyone about this, i don't want to be known as a cunt lapper."
by billy bob forton June 14, 2007
Someone who eats pussy
I love to eat pussy, so that makes me a cuntlapper
by Azeroth April 14, 2003
n. American slang. 1) a person who performs cunnilingus on female genitalia; 2) a heterosexual male; 3) a sex-minded heterosexual male.
While he was diving into the spot between her legs, she thought, now this feels good because he's a good cuntlapper
by Roger October 13, 2003
One who is seriously pussywhipped by his female partner.

A shady, slick, unsavory character.

A lesbian.
Ever since Tommy got engaged, he's been a real cunt lapper.

I think that cunt lapper stole my favorite pipe.

Don't waste your time, I heard she's a cunt lapper.

by Fishingdoubler September 23, 2006
an expletive -hurled, or even casually tossed, at straight jerks (mostly male) by fags.
as in "Go home and lick your mama's twat ya filthly cunt lapper"
by Virginia Trembles November 24, 2006
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