Adjective: Of or relating to somebody who can't refrain from acting like a complete and utter cunt.
Mplicit - "she's such a massive bitch.."

Cruk'D - "quite a cunny if I do say so myself"

Mplicit - "cunticular ad infinium"
by Mplicit October 25, 2008
Top Definition
cunt + particular = cunticular
When a woman is being purposefully difficult without merit.

The state of being overly picky in a pretentious matter.

A state of negativity to suggestions that don't stand up to a particular over inflated view of a ones status/class in society.

When a girl is full of herself and thinks that she is above others deserving special treatment or attention according to her wants and desires.
Princess Syndrome
What a cunticular bitch she said that she wouldn't stay the night because the bed wasn't comfortable.

She was very cunticular about her clothing, she only wore clothes from the most expensive and prestige designers. Anything less was trashy and ugly and she wouldn't be caught dead in it.

I showed up with a bottle of wine and flowers but in a cunticular manner she told me that she didn't like that brand of wine and she was allergic to those flowers although she really wasn't.
by Illfjord August 17, 2007
Used to describe the behavior of overly picky and moody woman who complains when she doesn't get her way.
Also pertains to a stuck up girl.
Or a man when he is acting very bitch picky.
That girl last night was being very cunticular. I offered her one of my last beers but she turned it down cuse she didn't like the brand.
She was very cunticular about the men she dated, they had to be rich and have nice cars. Also very cunticular about the bars she hung out in, she would never be seen in at a hole in the wall only the expensive joints uptown.
by Illfjord August 11, 2007
Something or someone who is extremely hot and or willin to give sexual favors for low prices or even free!
Something that is soo freakin cool it's not even funny!
Dude that bitch is sooo fuckin cunticular!

That movie was freakin cunticular!
by T3cHnOpWnZ October 03, 2005
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