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A singular piece of dry crusty mucus that collects around the cunt lips of elderly women
Bob was fucking his grandmother when he noticed a rough abrasive sensation; he looked down and found his penis being stripped by her filthy cunticles
by The Shaven Weasel January 07, 2005
When a women thinks she has bigger balls than a man she has cunticles.
She has no problem putting him in his place. She has hugh cunticles
by edzackery August 09, 2010
When you finger a girl up a really big mountain in your tent and she squirts and it freezes.
"It's fucking freezing in this tent, there's ice dropping from the roof from our breath."

"I don't care, I'm almost there."

"Fuck yeah, you squirted! Whoa, what the fuck is that? A cunticle?"
by Mindless FuckNut September 21, 2016
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