1. A person who regularly consumes surgically removed female genitalia in a preposterous, but skillful manner.
2. A discontinued Brazilian brand of strawberry flavored lollipops from the 1960s.
3. Anyone who has studied Hegel's "Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts" and took it seriously.
1. This is the third vagina I've consumed today in public but pieces still keep falling out of my mouth. That makes me a poor cuntguzzler.

2. Mmm. This cuntguzzler sure is tasty.

3. Wow, he really is familiar with Hegel's work. He must be a real cuntguzzler.
by franzpolak November 08, 2010
Top Definition
insult to a lesbian
Dude that girl is so annoying, what a cunt guzzler.
by WeezyBreezy January 17, 2015
What you call matt, when dana tells you to call him a cum guzzler, but your stupid and think she says cunt. =]. you get a good laugh though. it makes me l-o-l
"Matt, you fuckin cunt guzzler" "teagan i said CUM!", "LOL""ohhh"
by superdupperwalter December 10, 2007
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