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One who loves to flap cunt....
go flap ur moms cunt u cuntflapper
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A blond doing a handstand in a convertable with the top down at 100miles an hour with legs spread,
It come from what her vagina does as wind flys past her flaps

Wow did you see that cunflapper???????
by pete March 03, 2004
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A female who talks so much shit it comes outta both sets of lips!
Ex 1.Amy is such a cunt flapper, I'm finding things out about myself I never knew!!
Ex 2 Like the roaring 20's never went out of style, both sets of Amy's lips are going a mile a minute like the cunt flapper she is!
by alimegz September 15, 2010
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One who verbally attacks others on a message board or forum.
Did you see what that cuntflapper said about me? What a little bitch, wait 'till I get her ass.
by Sploogemeister January 19, 2006
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a loose vagina/pussy that flaps around do to overuse.
Angelina "gee i fucked every guy in seattle" , Barbra "damn girl you a Cuntflapper.
by MIke "the one and only". April 04, 2011
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