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Street term for cervical examination, where a medical practitioner scrapes a womans cervix with a long sterile cotton tip.
Q: Why is it called a PAP SMEAR?
A: Cuz no one would go if they called it a CUNT SCRAPE!
by tat grrrl May 13, 2007
A tasteful name for papshmear, which is the procedure of scraping the walls of cervical canal of a womens snatch to see if she has cervical cancer... often done by a doctor.
Before Jenny goes for her monthly cuntscrape I have to avoid the pink and rail her in the stink.
by Moonshine October 14, 2005
A word used as an exclaimation to express disgust, annoyance or discomfort. A reference to the unpleasentness that is a Pap smear.
1: Nick, it's your turn to get the drinks
2: Cunt scrape!


Your a fucking cunt scrape
by Bored Aussie January 23, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe someone as the result of a papsmear examination, that is, scrapings of a cunt.
You're such a cuntscrape, Brownie.
by C C April 04, 2004
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