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A skirt so high it looks more like a scarf.
An insult.
"Do you have any skirts that are more cunt scarf than this?"
"You cunt scarf."
by Chris Kirk March 28, 2005
A short skirt that keeps only your cunt covered and warm.
Pointing at a short skirt someone might say "Is that keeping your cunt warm? That's so short it's just a cunt scarf"
by Terrified and Afraid September 11, 2010
pubic hair on a woman that keeps her vaginal area warm; it can also used to refer to a type of knitted underwear made specifically to keep a shaven vagina from getting chilly.
It's awfully drafty today, if only I had a cuntscarf to keep my poor little clit from shivering.
by scrabble_master November 07, 2010
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