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Another word for tampon.
Girl - "Just need to go change my cunt plug"
Boy - "Ewww, gross"
by Spuff April 10, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe an individual whose actions and intentions are so foul that they themselves are of less value than that of a used-tampon.
That mofuggin cuntplug slept with my man!
by slickytrick September 29, 2005
A long slender cotton object that women insert monthly into their cunts. tampon
She was feeling desperate as she was on her last cunt-plug and miles from home.
by Jack May 17, 2004
noun: \ˈkənt\ \ˈpləg\
An absorbing material inserted into the cunt during menstruation to absorb the flow of bloody fluids.
My cunt is leaking. Does anyone have a cunt plug to soak up the mess.
by vincent meleco September 04, 2011
When a person james their foot up a womens vagina and tries to urinate, therefore urinating everywhere
"I Cunt Plugged that spanish chick and shes pissed all over my couch"
by Jdubbinator November 19, 2007
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