slang for the female genitailia, an insult, believed by many prudes to be one of the most insulting and rudist words in the english language
i've love to lick your cunt
you are such a cunt
by simon February 19, 2005
A noun which is a composite of the worst traits of a woman. Some times applies to men who act as a woman in this regards, usually a bastard or mother-spoiled male. Contains the components of: Bitchiness, immorality, narcissism, moodiness, unaccountable, selfishness, vanity, arrogance.

Character traits are expressed as follows:

- Flips out of no apparent reason, burning everyone in site.
- Seeks power and control over people close to her at ANY cost.
- Abuses people closest to her because she can get away with it.
- Lacks repentance completely.
- Verbally and emotionally assaults people, especially men.
- Loves to be the victim.
- Mouths off to such an extent that others contemplate physical abuse - which in turn feeds victim status giving her the greatest gift she could have.
- No morals what so ever.
- Preys on weaker/nice people.
- Gets knocked up by weaker male in order to have controlling role in relationship.
- Unable to have normal relationships with anyone. Has no long-term friends.
- Never changes, but expects the world to change for them.
- predatory and parasitic
I put up with my cunt ex-girl friend for years, then she took my money and left.
by PatOcean May 18, 2009
New England pronunciation of can't
There is a famous song by the Rolling Stones, "You cun't always get what you want"
by andy1 October 29, 2004
Finest english expletive available, allowing maximum possible offense with the minimum required effort. Often best juxtaposed with the word 'fucking'
Chris is a fucking cunt
by Jon Cymatix November 16, 2006
An explict way of saying Vagina
hundreds of women were on a nudest beach showing their Cunts
by Adam Whitehouse June 29, 2006
Turned into a "dirty word" by the Circle of the Universally Nurturing Transcendental Sisterhood (CUNTS), the secret organization behind all feminism and feminazism. Their logic was that if no one was willing to use their acronym for fear of being ostracized, their existence would remain a secret.
"It's bad enough she's a paganazi and a veganazi; does she have to be a cunt, too?"

"Oh my god -- she belongs to the Circle of the Universally Nurturing Transcendental Sisterhood?"
by Gahmuret July 04, 2006
The most offensive word in the english language used to describe the female genetailia and Ann Coulter
That fucking cunt is such a bitch
by Justin_FF7 October 06, 2006
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