Cash Up No Tick (tick=credit) or cunt for short.
Cunt,slang term used by ilegal pharmaceutical sales men, to advise unwanted customers bad luck.
by cardrona71 January 16, 2010
LINDA EVANS is a fucking cunt. she needs to die. fuck her..fucking cunt.
by meganpwnsu October 23, 2008
the worst word a guy could ever call a girl. Or a girl could use on another girl!
*boyfriend and girlfriend fighting*

Lindsay-You're being such an idiot.
Mark-Well stop being such a cunt!
by your_girl_always March 07, 2008
A four letter word that means so much.
It refers both a vagina and the woman who has it.
It is often coded as "See You Next Tuesday" (CUNTuesday).

I like cunts, especially when they are wrapped around my enormous throbbing cock.
Not only is Ivytheplant a cunt, her little fuck buddy Boorite is one also.
by Salsa Puedes February 19, 2008
Brian Hogan of New Jersey
Guy:Oh man, is that Brian Hogan?
Girl: No no, thats the grade a cunt of the town
by captain blasto9000 January 13, 2008
A woman who - Can't Understand Normal Thinking or CUNT.

In a social group or setting you could use some tact and say, " She is a graduate of the "Chesapeake University of Nautical Technology".
"That woman has off the wall thinking and a real cunt."

" A cunt will cause you real problems over time."

"She is good looking but on the other hand a cunt."
by SeaPilot June 27, 2009
A woman who's headband is wider than her toes.
Look at that headband!!!!,

"She must be a cunt"
by leeblake May 05, 2009
luis uvina
that stupid luis(cunt)
by ghsdfvyuasdfjryiojkuiojilsdvhu March 04, 2009

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