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Really thick lubricant that comes out of a females cunt when she creams herself. Usually has a distinctive odor for males to know that its time to insert the warm beefinto the taco!
"My cunt snot came out when I saw John Mayer take his shirt off. Hopefully he will want to bang backstage."
by K-Sizzle J April 29, 2006
The mucus produced by the glands of the endocervical epithelium, ensuring an appropriate pH surrounding the cervical os. Not to be confused with vaginal secretions.
Dr Smith : As you can see through the speculum Dr Brown, this patient has a considerable mucoid cervical discharge.

Dr Brown : Fucking hell, that's a bucket-fanny if I ever saw one. She's got cuntsnot like treacle.
by Captain Goatse February 08, 2009
smegma that drips from a twat.
I would have gone down on her until I saw that huge nasty blob of cuntsnot.
by anonymous February 21, 2004

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