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Is when everyone everywhere are acting like big cunt holes while you are driving your car..
Driving in the car and you have a green light and go to drive and there's a grandma about to walk infront of your car... So you beep and she desides to give u the finger and keep walking! Cunt mode
Or when your at a 2 way stop sign and you tell them to go and they tell you to go and you go to go and they start to go at the same time and curse u out like u did something so wrong!.. Cunt mode
by Jaoni October 26, 2011
The mode gary turns on when he's angry
Well wee Gaz has turned cunt mode on.
by JaviDelgado1902 August 13, 2015
A state of mind that can arise through lack of sleep, day drinking and/or taking recreational drugs. Much like 'sickmode' but darker, more volitile and occasionally dangerous. 'Cuntmode' is more likely to occour in males with the person in question feeling apologetic and guilt ridden after it wares off.
look at that guy, he's deep in cuntmode, steer clear
by tman123 July 31, 2011
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