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A man unusually obsessed with girls; girl crazy.
Once again, Tom can't hang out tonight. He's so cunt hung, we'll never see him again.
by One dude. May 24, 2009
A derogatory term used to describe a woman (usually in an authoritative roll) who is prone to degrade, step on, and otherwise mistreat other women in her environment.
1. Make sure Mrs. Smith likes you. She's cunt hung for all the girls around here.

2. WOMAN A: Damn! Mrs. Smith is such a bitch to me... it's like she's on a mission to give me a hard time.
WOMAN B: No, she's just CUNT HUNG! ...
WOMAN A: LOL what? that's nasty what does that mean?
WOMAN B: She's on a mission to to fuck up everyones life here. Especially the other girls she thinks are a threat to here status.
WOMAN A: That's messed up.
WOMAN B: Yep ... Bitch is cunt hung.
WOMAN A: Wow yeah I guess so... Ugh I still can't stand the C word though...
WOMAN B: But it's such a adequate description of her evilness
WOMAN A: Yeah I guess so... But still... it's like just as nasty as the M word...
WOMAN B: The "M" word? ...
WOMAN A: Yeah .... hello?

WOMAN B: ? ... ?
WOMAN A: Oh come on don't make me say it...
WOMAN B: yeah you need to say the word, cuz I have no idea what you are talking about.
WOMAN A: Ugh... Ok ... Moist ... UGH! Ew!
WOMAN A: Ew stop!
WOMAN A: Aaaah you're one M word away from being cunt hung!
WOMAN B: Ha ha ha Oh so you can say cunt hung now, but not moist?
WOMAN A: Aaaah!
by JeffreyLee4Free! September 26, 2014
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