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The name given to a guy that eats out a girl's cunt when she has her period.
My girlfriend is on her period, but I will still eat her out, I am cunt dracula.
by UrbanTony February 28, 2009
this is when a girl is on her period, and a guy places his lips around her mud flaps, the sucks the blood out of her pussy.
i sucked that girl sry giveing her a cunt dracula.
by kalan(Dream team) January 27, 2005
Man who likes to give girls head during their period.
A: Last night my boyfriend went Cunt Dracula on me!
L: Bloody hell, that's disgusting!
by PrinceEdward April 18, 2010
Another word for a rainbow kiss, with obvious connections i.e. blood sucking etc.
Guy 1. So how did head go?
Guy 2. Awww man, she didn;t tell me she was on, I looked like Cunt Dracula
by bulmander November 16, 2007