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An 18 year old girl, usually short, who is afraid masks, tattoo shops, and her own house at night.
The little girl who lives in toledo is a cuntcrackër.
by The angelic butterfly September 15, 2013
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Icelandic slang for croutons.

Also trademark expletive of Sally Jessy Raphael in the early 90's

Most recently adopted by Emeril Lagasse as the name of his signature dish of store bought rice cakes soaked in shrimp water and topped with "essence" and duck squeezings.
1. "I was going to make an Icelandic salad but I'm out of cunt crackers."

2. Out of control teens: "I have sex and do drugs and I'm proud of it!" (snap) "mmm hmm"
Sally: "Will you two cunt crackers sit down!"

3. Alright these cunt crackers look about done. We're just gonna pull them out and put some essence on them BAM!
by toot toot toot March 22, 2008

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