A pussy that is very biscuitous.
Also furthering an insult past just cunt.
Man, she has a cunt biscuit.

What do you think you are doing you cunt biscuit?!
by Zero May 30, 2005
Top Definition
a crusty cunt/vagina.
"That girl had such a cunt biscuit last night."
by creeper98 September 19, 2008
In general someone who is/is acting like a complete twunt
"Look at that Cuntbiscuit, what a waste of a perfectly good abortion"
by ajp069 January 02, 2006
1. one who is a dirty bitch
2. cunt rag
3. dick mongler
4. just a plain old cunt biscuit
5. all of the above
1-5. Josh's ex-girlfriend is a cunt biscuit
by TJ and Josh make up a word February 16, 2010

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