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The clinical term for perfoming oral sex on a woman
Whilst engaged in a romatic rendez-vous with Madame Cossette, I proceeded to give her cunningulus until she acheived orgasm.
by saaaaa August 12, 2005
145 78
A horrible misspelling of cunnilingus, which if pronounced as spelled no longer even sounds like the "Colonel Angus" of SNL fame.
I try to impress the fine young womenz by telling them about my prowess at cunningulus, but they always just laugh and call me a retard. I rule so hard.
by Rezer May 14, 2008
58 36
Oral gratification for a woman.

The term received popularity following a SNL skit, in which Christopher Walkin portrayed "Colonel Angus", and numerous double entendus were made based on the similar sounding names.
Colonel Angus (cunningulus) can be fun at first, but he tires you out real quick.
by Stubacca March 03, 2006
54 73