A spoonerism for "stunning cunt".
My girlfriend has the most gorgeous vagina I have ever fucked. Quite a cunning stunt !
#vagina #quim #twat #pissflaps #cunt
by poo hole December 21, 2012
Top Definition
An extremely hot girl who is a complete bitch. Most people can figure it out.
"Well, I'd have to say she's a real cunning stunt! The sex was great and the she kicked me out!"
by i am the dauphin January 16, 2004
A more polite term for a Stunning C*nt, a big headed male term mostly
Me: I'm a cunning stunt

Mate: Yeah right!
#cunning #stunt #c*nt #male #big head
by Jose Maurineeo November 02, 2008
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