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one who orates a variety of cunniligus.
cuntoisseur bo got the 4 poon salute for being a cunniligiust.
by bo November 22, 2004
62 44
A Master of Tounge Foo, one who gives excellent oral sex to a Woman.
I give girls the best head ever, I'm the Cunnilinguist.
by Josh West March 19, 2004
236 36
one who is such an expert at cunnilingus, it is as if one speaks to the pussy
I am a raw cunnilinguist.
by Big Trucker Al January 16, 2010
29 6
An individual that sucks at their own language.
Them: "So I went to there house party..."
You: "You're such a cunnilinguist! It's 'their' house party"
by RobstaHendricks March 23, 2011
7 24