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A mouthbreathing illiterate moron's mishearing and subsequent misspelling or mispronunciation of the word "comeuppance." The combination of "cum" and "muffins" adds hilarity to the usage of the term, as the word is typically placed in the syntax as an object to be received, as a result of karma, by a person perceived to have committed a wrong.
Yeah, that asshole screwed my best friend after I loaned him 400 dollars, but sooner or later he's going to get his cumuffins.
by windu March 21, 2009
What someone would receive after insulting a baker. Similar to that of getting comeuppance, except this involves a baker using less cowmilk and more manmilk in the muffins.

Bonus: this just reward is vegan-friendly!
Some guy: Hey baker! You and your buns can suck it!
Baker: How about a free muffin to change your mind?
Some guy: Fine, we'll see
(Om nom nom)
Some guy: WTF? Salty muffins?
Baker: Them be some cumuffins mothafucka!
by Justifried! March 01, 2011
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