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you make a jack o lantern get at least five men to cum in said jack o lantern and then get a woman to put it on her head
we totally got jaime to let us make a cumpkin, she kept it on forever
by ben decarlo September 27, 2006
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To push a joke so far that it stops being funny, only to continue pushing it so that eventually becomes funny again. Functions as both a noun and a verb.
Richard: Why do you suppose that Peter Kay keeps repeating the same material on his live DVDs? It's as though he's incapable of writing fresh material, but such a thing cannot be!

Emma: Perhaps he's attempting to cultivate a cumpkin.
by Darth Voorhees December 09, 2009
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A small square piece of cloth used by priviledged young men in Somerset to catch and clean-up semen.
"I took my cumpkin from my top pocket and proceeded to ejaculate into it, before discarding it out of the window"
by jimbobfruitbat December 24, 2009
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