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When you blow your load in a girls hair, then mix it all around, when it hardens, she has lovely cum locks
Man, did you see Sarah rockin' those cumlocks? She got it bad.
by Jip! June 22, 2006
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When shes swallowed so much cum her throat locks up.
Dang girl got cumlock and dribbled all over my church slacks.
by BigLoad July 22, 2010
When one's hair mats up because of semen, giving the appearance of dreadlocks.
He totally blew his load in my hair and now I've got cumlocks.
by Ranger R January 06, 2011
When you're about to cum inside a girl but you lock the stream. (Side effects: "blueballs")
Last night when i fucked my mom i pulled a cumlock to prevent her from getting me another brother.
by Jihad Elephant April 20, 2015

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